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We’re so proud to contribute to organizations such as Lighthouse of Oakland County. The Open Your Heart Charity Event, Sponsored by numerous south-eastern Michigan businesses and individuals, has been a huge success over the past few years. Wendy & Bob Schaffer (IMS) have hosted the event for the past two years and couldn’t be happier to do so to benefit Lighthouse of Oakland County.

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Open Your Heart 2013

Since its inception, Open Your Heart to Lighthouse has raised over $300,000 to support the mission of Lighthouse of Oakland County and north Oakland County. Funds generated this year will continue to allow the agency to meet the economic needs in our community and help fight poverty. Thank you to Wendy & Bob Schaffer, who hosted the event at their home the past two years and to all of the sponsors, donors, guests, committee members and volunteers who made the event successful.

Thank you to our Open Your Heart sponsors.

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